1. sanctuary

From the recording the north star


sanctuary - david zach / philip zach / propaganda

this lyric is inspired by the poems “home” by warsan shire and “the new colossus” by emma lazarus

will you light a lamp for me beside the golden door / i fled through the aegean sea and i’m ever searching for your shore / will you light a lamp for me with fire from a distant star / i run from bullets and machetes in congo and in myanmar / will you light a lamp for me / my child is running through the sand / i’d never put her on this raft unless it’s safer than the land / we swam the boarders undertow in shivered boxcars - over cliff’s edge / looking for a place to go / we are the tempest-tost in pilgrimage // give me shelter / sanctuary / city on a hill - standing still / give me shelter from the fire-fight / when tigers come at night / shine your light / shine your light // fabled majestic bride she takes the exile by her side / imprisoned lightning in her eyes and in her torch that lights the skies / where are you oh selfless lady? / this barbed wire slows my retreat / i’m desperate / waiting for your bravery / and i’ve got this fire under my feet / my child’s sold into slavery under the shadow of a drone / oh can you find a space for me in your heart and in your home / let me breathe free - there’s poison in the air / i’ll get chlorine in my lungs if i stay here / give me stretched out arms in which to run / give me refuge beneath the setting sun // i don’t need the clean version / the family channel teen version / the version that assumed we was all virgins version / i need that deep into that soil - that dirty finger nails / i need the kind that knows what’s on your hard drive elshaddi / i need the find you in the brothel still unashamed to be your father / with the intent of understanding that your pain and sin ain’t past tense / that lives in the tension of “woman where are your accusers?” / and i dare y’all to toss a stone but go yo way and sin no more / lion lamb, dove serpent / don’t just do it right make it right / restorative justice ignoring accusers / we poured our love in / never power abuser / there are breaches in your preachin / we can see it from the bleachers / when the storm comes i need to be able to trust these shingles / us humbly mumbling whole heartedly holding on / a tremendous - a fortress - a witness - you get this / give me shelter / give me home / give me love give me you / i wish i could reciprocate my fallen state / i just need christ personified not commodified / the one that died / the brown eyed one that’s acquainted with my suffering / shelter / shelter // light a lamp for me by the golden door / hold the torch for me on the sunset shore