Remedy Drive would love to bring their dynamic presence to your upcoming event, be it a community gathering, church service, festival, conference, organization event, school/university function, or any other occasion. Our commitment is to make it happen seamlessly, ensuring an unforgettable experience for your audience.

Here are some event ideas to spark your imagination, but feel free to think beyond these suggestions, and don't hesitate to ask any questions:


Experience the electrifying energy of a Remedy Drive concert with a diverse range of music, blending our old favorites and new songs. 

Choose to make the event ticketed or free for an exclusive audience or open it up to the public. We also offer a comprehensive audio, and lighting setup as well as an 8-panel LED video wall. 


Sunday Morning- Worship in Action: 

We would love to be part of your Sunday mornings with Remedy Drive’s "Worship in Action" experience. Let RD lead your worship session with a harmonious blend of hymns, contemporary worship songs, and some of their own that echo the themes of justice and freedom. Choose between the dynamic energy of modern worship with the full band or an acoustic style.

Invite your congregation to a thought-provoking experience as David Zach shares a powerful message, drawing parallels between the band's work for justice and timeless scriptures. Inspired by the impactful video "The Currency of Our Lives," David's message can range from 7 to 40 minutes, creating a profound connection between faith and social responsibility.

RD's mission goes beyond the music – we aim to inspire ordinary individuals to step into the arena of justice and mercy. The band's story of combating trafficking serves as a compelling invitation for everyone to become agents of positive change.

Consider pairing this Sunday morning worship with an evening concert. Remedy Drive is ready to infuse your entire weekend with purpose, music, and a call to action that resonates in the hearts of your community.


Remedy Drive would love the opportunity to be part of festivals, both small and large, offering not only electrifying musical sets but also engaging talks by David Zach. Beyond the music, David is available to speak about the band's impactful work combating trafficking or to share valuable insights on the art of songwriting. This versatile combination of dynamic performances and meaningful discussions ensures a memorable and enriching experience for festival-goers of all kinds. Whether you're seeking a powerful musical presence, thought-provoking conversations, or even a songwriting workshop, Remedy Drive is dedicated to tailoring our contribution to make your festival an extraordinary and impactful event. 

Example of Festivals that Remedy Drive has played: SoulFest, Lifest, Big Ticket, Creation Northeast, Sonshine,  Lifelight, ThriveFest North, Kingdom Bound, Unity, Joshua Fest, Atlanta Fest, Rock the Desert, Big Ticket, Ichthus Festival, WinterFest, The Roadshow, The Rock and Worship Roadshow, Spirit West Coast,  OC Tulip Fest, Brat Fest, Balinger Rock Fest (Germany), Loud and Proud Fest (Germany), River Fest (Denmark), Maata Nakyvissa Festival (Finland), KRIK Cup & Konset (Norway), Christmas Rock Night (Germany), Xnoizz Flevo Festival (Netherlands)

David Zach Solo Acoustic:

"Stories and Songs" is a smaller event with David Zach and an acoustic guitar. David will play songs and share heartfelt narratives behind his music and work combating trafficking. 


Involve your school or University in the thought-provoking presentations by David Zach, focusing on crucial topics such as justice, compassion, and the battle against trafficking, enriched with compelling multimedia content. Drawing from extensive experience, David Zach has delivered engaging talks at more than 50 colleges and universities, spanning classes from creative writing to criminal justice. Notably, David collaborated with students in a design architecture class at Belmont University, guiding them in a project aimed at creating safe houses for survivors of abuse and trafficking. His recent involvement exemplifies a commitment to fostering awareness and meaningful action within educational settings.

Examples of Universities David Zach has spoken at: Belmont University, Drake University, Hardin-Simmons University, University of Findlay, Northern Michigan University, Georgia Highland College, The College of Saint Rose,  University of Arkansas-Fayetteville, University of Minnesota-- Minneapolis, University of Nebraska- Omaha & Lincoln, University of Wisconsin- Eau Claire, La Crosse, Oshkosh & Stout,  Concordia University, Vanderbilt University, Black Hills State University


Remedy Drive has been honored to perform at many different types of conferences, ranging from substantial events like the LMCS National Youth Gathering and the Kansas District Youth Gathering to more intimate youth group gatherings such as Meltdown in Florida. Remedy Drive can offer multiple sets of music and actively participate in songwriting workshops and discussions on social justice. Our commitment is to bring both dynamic performances and insightful engagements to enhance the overall experience of your conference, regardless of its size.

Tailored Performances: 

Customize the event to suit your unique needs, whether it's a specific theme, message, or a combination of different elements. Remedy Drive is flexible and ready to collaborate on creating an experience that aligns perfectly with your vision.

Remember, these are just starting points. Remedy Drive is open to exploring new and creative ideas to ensure your event is not only memorable but leaves a lasting impact. Let's collaborate to make your vision a reality!

Please contact Anna at 402-730-0989 or for any booking inquiries.