51 Recent Rescues : Over 60 Traffickers Arrested  

The Exodus Road teams in Thailand, India, and Latin America recently participated in the freedom of 51 survivors of trafficking - we also helped take over 60 traffickers off the street. We celebrate each rescue we participate in by writing a representative name of a survivor on a rock. There are over 1500 rocks at The Exodus Road headquarters.  

Living Room Anthology, Vol. 1 


This is the first Volume of the Living Room Anthology. These songs were given a new birth during the 2020 shelter in place evening livestream concerts. 

From the living room of David Zach using a microphone, a CP70b baby electric grand piano and a Roland Juno synth.



Prisoners of Hope: Installment 3 : Throne  

Listen to these amazing voices of people from around the world - separate and together in quarantine.  Corey and Kari Horn, Dave and Nicole Mohr, Philip Zach, Tim Buell, David and Anna Zach with their kids Jack Ava and Stella and 60 or so people from around the world singing together.  

Prisoners of Hope : Installment 1 :  4.19.20 : Daylight  

We hope you enjoy this as much as we enjoyed making it. 

With Dave Mohr, Philip Zach, Corey Horn, Tim Buell and David Zach 


We only all five been on the same stage before a couple of times but we’ve played together in different arrangements over the last 9 years.  

One thing is clear about this group of guys - we all love each other and we miss seeing each other - and playing music together.  

We’ve traveled hundreds of thousands of miles together by air and interstate - and now  making music together while separated in our isolated exile.  

“Come back to the safety where you belong - oh you prisoners of hope - return to your strongholds  

By these rivers of our imprisonment - we won’t hang up our stringed instruments.”

Germany and South Dakota 

We are heading back to Germany for our fifth time and back to South Dakota for our thousandth.  Please come out and sing with us! 

10.11 Sioux Falls, SD 

10.12 Yankton, SD 

10.13 Sioux Falls, SD 

10.18 Weitefeld, Germany 

10.19 Weitefeld, Germany



This summer has been so inspiring.  We're meeting people all over the United States that are working towards freedom, justice and mercy.  We've played at several festivals and events that have used their platform to shine a light on human trafficking. 

We spent a lot of time talking to the guys from Switchfoot about Drew's involvement in Humans Against Trafficking.  Jerome gave a word of blessing on our set at Soulfest in NH and Jon acknowledged our work with The Exodus Road during their set.  He came out in the audience and thanked us for our work (photo below).  We're trying to get other bands on board to buy their t-shirts from organizations that are rehabilitating survivors of trafficking.  I gave a kimono made by Agape International Mission to Cali from Bethel Music.  There are some new items at www.remedydrive.com/store 

Matt Maher and I shared the stage in a songwriter round and I shared our song Sanctuary, a plea to love refugees.  He said "well since David went there" and proceeded to play a song he wrote with a similar theme. 

I wish you all could have been at all these events for all these moments but we know you are with us in spirit.  We've listed our tour dates below including a trip to Germany.  Thanks for continue to sing these songs with us! 


Featured Journal Entry:  Rescue is Coming

Featured Journal Entry: Rescue is Coming

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