The intricate and delicate process of creating the album cover The North Star.  Set to the sound track of Polaris.  

T-shirts, elephants and more 

Our t-shirts are being made in Cambodia by survivors of sex trafficking.  Order your t-shirt, bracelet, elephant and more with your advance copy of the band's new album The North Star.  




Festival Photos 

Thanks for singing with us at these summer festivals so far.  To everyone we've met for the first time this summer - it's great to have you on board.  Click a photo to see some highlights so far.  Fish Fest in Omaha next week!  


2017 Festivals 

Remedy Drive 2017 Summer Festivals 

5.20    Orange City Tulip Festival - Orange City, IA 

6.20    Atlanta Fest - Atlanta, GA 

6.22    Big Ticket Festival - Gaylord, MI 

6.23    Big Ticket Festival - Gaylord, MI 

7.1    Creation Northeast - Shirleysburg, PA 

7.6    Lifest - Oshkosh, WI 

7.7    Lifest - Oshkosh, WI 

7.15    Creation Northwest - Kennewick, WA 

7.28    Fish Fest - Omaha, NE 

8.26    Faith Fest - Winona, MN 


Daylight Savings  

It's Daylight Savings weekend.  Set your clock forward and check out the sales on at our store.  We've discounted almost everything on our online store.  $5 CDs, $12 vinyl, $15 T-shirts and an assortment of products made by organizations we support who help rehabilitate survivors of human trafficking.  

Hope's Not Giving Up  

This is a collection of songs that we re-imagined in 2016 - my favorite songs that I wrote between 2004 and 2012.  These melodies remind my soul of hope and hope reminds me of sights yet unseen.  We felt like it was time to give these songs a new life.   

Hope is a melody - a beautiful sight for the worn and weary eye.  Brighter than the fires on the West Coast,  louder than the bombs in Syria, more vibrant than a virus, stronger that the winds of the tornado or the shackles of oppression.  She stands in the wreckage of lost accomplishment, she walks in the rubble of broken dreams, when castles in the sand are washed away, when the moon goes blood red and the stars fall, when the flood waters rise, when the bottom drops out - there’s Hope sweet Hope like a star burning bright - when the sun goes down and the fears begin to fly.   

I want the new recordings of these songs to amplify the melody of hope above the noise of fear and despair. 

  1. Hope
Featured Journal Entry:  Rescue is Coming

Featured Journal Entry: Rescue is Coming

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