1. warlike

From the recording the north star


warlike - david zach / philip zach

keep your microchips out of my kid’s skin / keep your chemicals out of my oxygen / keep your GMO out of my blood stream / keep your oil fields and your war machine / must we be the first and the strongest? / industrial military complex / you can’t take the prophets out of context / you can’t love mercy if you love conquest / i’m not joking here / something’s broken here / i just hope it’s clear / it’s just smoke in mirrors / they’re just stocking fears / they’re just racketeers / it’s a thin vernier / they’re just tickling ears / strong man said “let’s steal their oil” and they cheered him on / strong man said “let’s scorch the soil of the children” / what’s wrong man - why you celebrate the talk of war crimes? / i don’t belong man - i’m not a fan of barrel bombs and land mines / demi gods - like demagogues - like war lords - white collar frauds in new york suits or in camouflage / either way it’s looks the same it’s a corruption - it’s a con job // why are we so warlike? / why are we so warlike? // clear cut - land fill - oil spill - strip mine / they’re draining out the essence of my soul through a pipe line / turmoil like a flood growing toxic from the start / it’s oil and not blood flowing through your dark heart / where’s the justice here? / they’re just profiteers / special interest got their ears / but we need our opioids and our titanium / we’ve displaced the masses for cocaine and uranium / building industry on the backs of the exiles and the enslaved / textiles just like tobacco in the good old days /is this a blood diamond? i can’t tell / i own blood minerals - they’re in my cell phone / how did we accumulate such wealth? / what if the war criminal is myself // why are we so warlike? / why are we so warlike? // the shrimp boats, the cocoa, the copper, the coffee, the coltan, the cotton / why am i bringing it up again and again? / the tin and the timber - the sugar cane - it’s still the same / we’re looking the other way today it feels like we’ve forgotten / without the demand there’d be no need for the supply / there’s blood on your hands man - and there’s a plank in your eye / you don’t look a thing like jesus christ to me / you look like self righteous apathy / you look like entitlement and supremacy / ye who tread on the weak to defend the wealthy / you talk so causally of endless battles, factions and schisms / can’t you see the casualties of your hyper nationalism