1. endless

From the recording the north star


endless - david zach

we’re flesh and blood my love / but we’re not only flesh and blood / this is just the feeble stuff we're made of / we’re skin and bone my love / but we’re / but we’re not only skin and bone / we build houses of brick and stone but this is not our home / this is not our home // for our song is endless / children of majesty / we are the sons and daughters of the realm / so hold on - and we’ll win this / in the face of tragedy / we stand and we will not be overwhelmed // we’d breathe the fire of an ancient race / we’d leave the shire for a far off place / but we’re far too comfortable here - we’re far too safe / have we lost the plot / there’s an untamed desire from a distant shore / like a dream or a memory of something more / on the threshold of mystery - behind a closed door / have we forgotten that we’ve forgot / have we forgot