1. polaris

From the recording the north star


polaris - david zach

we won’t stand by / we are steadfast you see / we’ve got open eyes as wide as catastrophe / when waters divide under the light of polaris / on dry ground tonight / can you hear the sound of the exodus? // run wild against the tide / chariots of fire on the hillside / breathe free / it’s who you are /guided by the fires on the north star / stay strong - be brave / ripples turn to tidal waves - don’t you know // you use your pen when you don’t have a sword / you’ve got your finger tips on the keyboard /you’ve got the sphere of your influence and nobody else has got your fingerprints / it’s the string’s pushed / it’s the note that bends / it’s the light that’s bleeding out through your camera lens / you’ve got your voice so sing it out my friend / the songs of freedom at 110 // look up to the hills again from whence comes my help / fire is burning - it’s not burning out / a choir of seraphim is turning out / fire is burning - it’s not burning out