From the recording the north star


brighter than apathy - david zach

seems like i can’t put a dent in this / i stand on the edge of the abyss / when hope in the dark seems foolish / how we ever gonna make it through this? / i got one spark in the dimness / one fuze lit - it feels useless / i’m lost on my own i can’t do this with just five loaves and just two fish / i got my microphone and my music / this voice i own - i’m gonna use it / one note at a time in a firefight pushing back on the shadow in the twilight / and the movement’s unstoppable / if you got your soul i got rock and roll / when they’re bought and sold / we don’t stop or fold / wake up blue fire from the days of old // i want to live for something / bigger than me / stronger than fear / brighter than apathy // trade in your caution in for courage / give me action - not your words / one spark catches a fire / one voice becomes a choir / we are tile - you and i / we’re fragile but we don’t break / when we come together we’re mosaic and we brave the weather and the cold rain / thoughts and prayers are nice but they won’t suffice / give me bravery - give me sacrifice / i’m not looking for your pity - i want your life / i’m looking for the city of radiant light / on the hill that we’re descending on / it’s your will that they’re depending on / your voice - your youth - your time - your art - your song - your life - your rhyme - your heart / what will you spend it on? / what will we spend it on? / and when we’re gone / in ages to come / the sages will write / so raged the bearers of the light / so waged the few with all their might / against the terrors of the night / with no site in view / from the depths to the heights // i want to live for something / bigger than me / stronger than fear / brighter than apathy / with all my rivers running / out of the deep / through the frontier / into the glassy sea // wake up my soul - my soul / kilindi wa kina kwa kina katika sauti ya mawimbi yako