1. Crystal Sea

From the recording Hope's Not Giving Up


Oh - the tidal wave is crashing - comes washing in
Don't be afraid - when nothing lasts for long
Hopes and dreams have turned to dust and we're lost again
Standing still while time is passing on

When there's nothing else left to break
We still have a song to sing - we'll sing
When there's no more fear - no more ache -
Standing by the crystal sea - you and me

We'll sing

Oh - oh - oh by the crystal sea
Oh - oh - oh on the golden streets

Oh - oh - oh by the crystal sea
Oh - oh - oh

For now - we're standing on the fault line - hold steady dear
As continents collide beneath our feet
When cares assail when fears assault i'm still ready here
To join the melody of souls set free

Flood waters rise even to your soul
But above the skies are streets of gold