Remedy Drive is partnered with an abolitionist group called The Exodus Road.  David Zach, our lead singer, volunteers as an undercover operative and has been on 9 deployments with The Exodus Road.  When the band is not on tour David will head over to Southeast Asia or Latin America to join the counter trafficking organization doing casework inside of brothels and red-light districts to find evidence of sex trafficking.  The Exodus Road uses that actionable evidence to rescue girls that are trapped in the sex trade and to work with local authorities to make raids on establishments that result in the arrests of traffickers.  The Remedy Drive community has contributed around $350,000 directly to the rescue efforts of The Exodus Road and several individuals have been recruited to join the organizations on the front lines at Remedy Drive events.  

The Exodus Road has rescued close to 900 individuals from slavery and helped to arrest close to 400 traffickers so far.

To hear about raids/rescues and everything going on on the front lines text "remedy" to 51555.  If you want to help fund Delta Team - the team David joins when he goes over you can donate here:

The Exodus Road