Join us in our fight against modern day slavery

Remedy Drive has been partnered with the counter-trafficking organization The Exodus Road for eight years now.  The Exodus Road uses covert gear and cyber forensics technology to find evidence of trafficking, we then partner with authorities to make raids that result in the freedom of survivors and the arrests of traffickers.  

The Exodus Road has contributed to the freedom of 1500+ survivors of trafficking.  We've helped arrest over 700 traffickers.  

Much of this is made possible by the generocity of the Remedy Drive community - our families, fans, and friends.  

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Set up an online fundraiser for your family and friends to help fund freedom efforts on the front lines!   

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If you set your goal at $200+ we will send you a free $Never shirt.  Just message RD on Facebook with a screenshot of the fundraiser, your address, and t-shirt size.