Latin America 2018

I often talk about sex trafficking from stage.  Sometimes I’ll go months without coming back to the front lines either in Latin America or Southeast Asia.  It’s not that the reality of what I’m talking about becomes less real, but…

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What Undercover Work Looks Like

- What does undercover work look like?  

- What does the training look like?

- What's the hardest part? 

- Do you ever tell the girls who you really are?  

These and other questions from Billy…

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A Conversation with Herb Longs from TCB

First of all, congraulations on the upcoming release of The North Star. Tell us, how long has this record been in the making and what does it feel like to have the finished product ready for release?  

We started…

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The Currency of Our Lives

We started recording a new album this year.  We recorded at our hotels on the red light streets of Southeast Asia during the day while doing investigations and casework with The Exodus Road into the early morning hours.  Trying to…

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Brothers reunite to change the world at 110 decibels

An incredible journey: Brothers reunite to change the world at 110 decibels - Story by Erin Anderson - Lincoln Journal Star 

They use the same words: 





Words that describe the professional…

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Music Times Interview

Here's an interview I did with a great lady named Kim Jones of Music Times.  We ended up talking for an hour on the phone about human trafficking and the fight against it. 

"Remedy Drive's song, "Commodity," has spent…

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Rescue is Coming

i was in southeast asia with the exodus road for a good portion of this month. 

i met a girl last week whose name was june and two of her friends - we sat at a table together and…

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The Story Behind Making a Counter Trafficking Album

This is a transcript of an interview between me and my friend Francesca Torquati.  She's always been great at helping me gather my thoughts.  We had this interview in the studio while recording songs from Remedy Drive's new concept album…

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Refugees at a Germany Concert

We got to spend time in Germany with refugees from Syria, Eritrea and Iran. 

Karin and Wilfried Rauscher, the organizers of the Balinger Rock Festival, not only invited 150 refugees to the festival but gave the ones that came…

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Exploitation and Abolition

I write from a coffee house on an overcast day in Southeast Asia with my sunglasses on because after a week over here I can not contain the tears.  I realize that if you just go off my instagram feed…

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The Girl with the Hello Kitty Bracelet

Last night I met a 14 year old girl (or so) inside of a brothel in Southeast Asia. She wore on her wrist a Hello Kitty bracelet. Her mannerisms were reminiscent of a child. She was playful and put the…

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