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Commodity #1 at Rock Radio

#1 at Rock RadioCommodity Tops the BDS Christian Rock Chart The band is celebrating as Commodity, the first single off the full length album due out in September, reaches #1…

Commodity Single at iTunes

Here it is! Have a listen and leave us a review. The album will be released sometime in September:

Commodity Is Released to Rock Radio

“Won’t you help me sing – these songs of freedom – are all I ever have – redemption songs” – Bob Marley I’ve never been more excited about one of…

Partner with Remedy Drive to Bring Rescue

The Exodus Road and Remedy Drive are partnering to fuel literal rescue. The Exodus Road trains investigators how to find and free sex slaves, and you can help. With your monthly donation, you’ll…

A Busy Month (March 2014)

Starting the 28th of January, Remedy Drive will head to Knoxville, Iowa and perform at Celebrate Community Church.  From there heading to variety of locations such as Kansas, Alabama, Florida,…

A New Chapter Begins

Remedy Drive releases a preview of their new song Commodity.